What is Worship?

I heard my husband preach something recently that was so powerful it transformed my life and I want to share how I heard it so here it is…We become what we behold in our eyes and heart…this is why worship is so important because when we worship the One true God, then we behold Him and we become like Him. We are then pulled to our destiny that He has assigned specifically for each of us and collectively together.

Praise and Worship is not just a song set – it’s not about a band or a group of great vocalists. Worship is fixing our eyes on the One who created us and allowing Him to conform us to His image. In that, we become who we are called to be and can achieve so much greater and more glorious heights than striving on our own, beholding our own image which is not very glorious apart from Him.

My friend Rachel recently came back from a mission trip in Africa where they ministered for two weeks in a medical and prayer mission…they also were able to share The Lord and watch 7100 people receive Yeshua in their hearts for eternal life! She shared with me that she was completely undone when she came into a tent of worshipers…there were NO chairs and everyone was standing up with hands praising God. There were NO instruments…instead these Africans lifted their voices and clapped their hands before their King and brought forth the songs of deliverance and praise.

Wow, I was so convicted. What would happen if we actually had a meeting with no instruments but just our voices for hours on end? And standing the whole time? I don’t think it would be the most popular church or congregation…maybe we’ve missed what worship is really about. Maybe we are just trying to be something the world likes.

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