Walking in Health Through Healing

I have experienced o2012-12-18 11.29.39ver the years that healing is a dynamic process that comes in stages – often manifested with a tangible breakthrough but maintained by walking in a lifestyle of health. I have been healed (without drugs) of many physical issues such as migraine headaches, bladder infections, back pain, as well as emotional dis-ease such as anxiety and fears, although my healing in the area of being set free totally from fear is in a deeper level of process.

I liken it to peeling an onion – you get a really good layer off and then there’s one more that is closer to the center of what is going on. Usually with fear or other emotional dis-ease, it is centered in lies that we have believed either from a traumatic life threatening incident such as what I went through, or perhaps abuse or trauma as a child, manifested in our ‘grown up’ years on a more sophisticated level but nonetheless,  lies the enemy whispered in our ear and we took deep into our hearts.

When I met my husband, David, I was 18 1/2 years old – he was 24 and had just finished his degree in psychology at Harvard. Growing up as a child in Miami, he had a friend whose father was an eye doctor but practiced from a holistic perspective. This influenced David greatly and by 1980, he made a decision to apply to the highly regarded TAI Sophia of Classical 5-Element Acupuncture; at the time it was just beginning its first U.S. class in Columbia, MD after years of training students in England where the school was founded.

David was the youngest to be accepted into the 2 year program, first graduating class, most of whom were in their second careers after being nurses, medical techs and other backgrounds, now committed to a lifestyle of understanding the relationship of dis-ease in the body, mind and spirit of people. His training included a 6 week intensive in England under the tutorship of founder J.R. Worsley, as well as interning in San Francisco with a well known practitioner and graduate of TAI’s program.

Here we are many years later and I can testify that I have witnessed not only my own healing from SO many ailments but literally hundreds of people that have also been healed and even delivered from anti-depressant medications through the powerful yet simple treatments my husband has given to those seeking an alternative path from drugs. In addition, over the last 10 years, we have both received and given much emotional and spiritual healing through the powerful Ancient Path Seminars created by our good friends Craig and Jan Hill, of Family Foundations International. It has been one of the biggest blessings of our lives to have the healing and training of the FFI seminars and incorporate the revelation of identity and destiny into our family.

We have had the privilege of having healing centers in both Jacksonville, FL and  Seattle,WA and even on the Sea of Galilee in Israel for 4 years. I am blessed and proud to be David’s wife especially in light of how many people he has helped become free not just in their physical symptoms but much deeper…getting to the ‘causative factor’ and understanding how God created us to be unique and yet in balance with His purpose and design for us. We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made.

If I can give one piece of advice when it comes to health and healing, I would say it is a choice to live by the laws that work…I like to say God’s ways. But the truth is even before David and I knew God personally as Yeshua, we first came to recognize His ways that work that are part of nature, in the very fabric of the earth. These include organic healthy eating, giving up processed foods with chemicals, quality vitamins and herbs, exercise for an hour 4-5 times a week, getting consistent 5 element acupuncture treatments from a good practitioner, quiet time and prayer….and taking time to give thanks everyday for the blessings we experience. This opens up a whole possibility of walking in divine health  as a lifestyle. There are many things we can do to prevent disease but it requires a transformation of how we think. Most people are trained to only go to a doctor when they are sick.

We try and teach people to get treatments regularly so that sickness doesn’t occur. Just because the flu ‘goes around’, doesn’t mean that it has to come to your house! In ancient Chinese culture, the doctor or acupuncturist would only get paid if they kept the village from being sick. If the people got the disease or sickness, the doctor was considered not to have done his job well. This is a radical shift from the way we think today…one that requires a responsibility on the part of each person to own their health. I encourage you to begin the journey today! Take just one step even! Start by going to the gym, begin a weight lift program, make homemade carrot/beet/kale juice, clean out the junk processed foods in your kitchen and buy simple, organic foods; in fact even cleaning out your closets will  make you feel lighter and better!

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