An update and a thought to consider

Hi everyone!  I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying blogging and will be using it more to share thoughts, personal experiences to empower others, and even some music that I am working on. Oh and I am excited to let you all know that we are in beginning stages of pre-production of my new music video, Songbird! I will be posting on my blog updates on the making of the video and even a few clips so stay tuned!

I had some thoughts to share today regarding the healing process..some of us need physical healing, others emotional healing from pain. Our physical sickness and dis-ease are related most of the time to emotional imbalances  that we are pretty much clueless about. We have to be honest about taking a look at what is in our heart because that’s like the center force that determines so much of our life, including physical well being . The Bible says that we are deceived as to judging the condition of our hearts. An analogy is like fish in water – the fish doesn’t know water as something distinctive from anything else – there is no reality called ‘not water’. That’s kind of how it is if we attempt to judge our own hearts as good or bad – we are not capable. I know many of us often will say about others we love “they have a good heart” – or if someone breaks their word over and over, we will often say “they didn’t mean to… they have a really good heart.” I know that comes from a good place to edify, encourage and love people…but when it comes to healing, we have to have the courage to ask God to show us the ‘water’ that we are clueless about.

I have gone through so much healing over the years, and yet the more I come face to face with my life, the more I realize how deep the wells of deception can be in keeping us in darkness. It is a known fact that there isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t dealt with some form of pain or more likely shame, embarrassment and humiliation. Those experiences will often lead to a hardening of our hearts in order to not deal with the shame. If we don’t get healed, we will only end up hurting others. Hurt people hurt other people. That is the cycle of shame.

I have dealt with this in raising my children…I have seen clearly how my own fears of my kids growing up like I was when I was a teenager has projected anger, control, and more fear onto them. I, like just about everyone, made judgments about my mom and dad and of course, like any unholy judgment especially against parents, it comes back right on you later….usually when you have kids. Then it hits you (most of the time when you’re upset and freaking out), that you’ve become just like your worst fear – like your mom or dad. Now, the knowledge of that is fairly easy to see…however, the ‘fish in the water’ part is where God has to reveal to you the lies , vows and judgments you’ve made in your heart – this is the stuff that we don’t know that we don’t know. This is the only way we can be set free. And we are not able to do it on our own or we would already be healed. 🙂 The Bible says that only God can judge the intents of the heart – He alone knows what is in the heart of man. And He also said that when we come to Him, “we shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set us free!”. This real knowledge and freedom is also what sets the next generation free from the same cycle of shame and dishonor.

As a very practical example, someone may struggle with overeating or smoking…or  maybe jealousy and insecurity…whatever it is, fill in the blank. We all know that it isn’t for lack of knowledge that a person stays stuck in patterns that are unhealthy for them. Usually the addictions or negative behavior, even rage and anger come so quickly, without real conscious choices – just automatic behaviors that are rooted in shame, fears, and lies that we have believed about ourselves YET, we are the fish in the water. Any person who really knew deep in their heart who they were in Messiah would not continue to do destructive behavior that damages their health or well being as well as hurting others, because they are the temple of His Spirit in the earth! But if it were that simple by just having that knowledge, we would all be shining with the light of His Glory all of our days. Many people have spiritual knowledge but their bodies and emotional health is a mess!!  It takes more than knowledge – it takes humility from His Spirit to go deep into the well and ask for His Truth. I believe that is a big part of God’s desire for us as we are called to be His living stones, His vessels and be the example of His Kingdom in the earth. We cannot do this until we are healed.

Much of mine and my husband’s healing has come through Family Foundations International (see their website link on the right side of my homepage here)and the Ancient Path Seminars. Over many years now of participating I have been able to also help others and most importantly, ask forgiveness from my children for mistakes I have made. How freeing that is!

I encourage you to seek Him while He may be found and I know He is faithful to lead you into all Truth…to reveal the thoughts and intentions of our hearts so that we can turn back to Him. Let’s be a people who reflect His Love, Healing and Truth! I want to see more people healed in their bodies, minds and spirits. If you have a testimony related to this post, please share with me!

2 thoughts on “An update and a thought to consider

  1. Reading your blog, Lisa, is like sitting down over a cup of tea and chatting in your home. I know, because we were in your home in Israel for a month when we did an internship there in 2008. You were gracious to us then, and I still hear your graciousness come through your blog entries!

    I so agree with the healing that comes through Ancient Path Seminars. I’m glad you and David are letting God use you both to minister healing in physical and emotional diseases. You’re a great team and so gifted in ministering to the hurting.

    You’ve chosen the best path, but a difficult one, when you include your family relationships in the middle of the process of healing. My family knows what I am REALLY like — they have ample evidence that I am very flawed mother, and a big part of my own healing has come through making it right with my adult children. At one point, one of my daughters said, “Ah, Mom, you’re not going to repent again, are you?!” Another daughter was in the middle of forgiving me for a specific omission I had confessed to her.. She stopped, looked at me kindly and said lovingly but with sober truth, “But Mom, that wasn’t the real issue. The REAL issue is that you never gave us your heart.” Suddenly the world stopped. I could hardly breathe. My daughter was loving and respectful, but she was speaking truth. Deep down, I knew it was true, but much of my insides were screaming out (silently), “But what about the thousands of diapers I changed, the meals I cooked, the night duty I pulled when you were sick, the art projects I set up, the… etcetera, et cetera, etcetera! My daughter kindly let me process this for three days before I was able to deeply own the true guilt of my mothering all those years. It was the beginning of a whole new relationship with my four children! And, Lisa, I know you spare nothing to make things right with your children and to give them every advantage for a successful, righteous life. This is one of the reasons you can minister God’s healing love to others. You are authentic. You can give away what you yourself have been given by God. In fact the proverbial “Jewish mother” doesn’t hold a candle to what you’ve given your children through your transparency and passionate pursuit of God. Keep up the good work and the good faith.

    Thanks for the chat and the cup o’ tea!

    1. Thank you Janelle for your kind words and your transparency to share from your heart as well. I will always remember you and Kennedy and the heart which you both came to serve and to learn while we lived in Israel. You were a great example for me and I learned much from you too. I love your writing and appreciate the gift God has given you…keep giving it away! 🙂

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