In the salad of life….

I love pretty pictures of food…especially healthy dishes that are super delicious too! One of my favorites is an organic Mediterranean salad with cucumbers, feta, garbanzo beans, banana peppers , tomatoes and of course the right flavorful dressing- oh yum! Personally, the individual items that go into that salad are not necessarily things I crave or on my top ten delicious foods… but together mixed in a salad, they become a flavorful dish of which I could a lot of! The more I eat of good nutritious salad, the more my body loves the nutrition as well as the taste.

It is a fact that raw veggies have a higher nutrient and anti-oxidant value than cooked. Another word for ‘raw’ in this context would be ‘living’. Once you cook the vegetables they lose their highest nutritional value and are no longer ‘living’ food.  I think it is also a fact that there are many who are deficient in their nutritional needs because of lack of knowledge or teaching; they are eating ‘their vegetables’ but most of the time, the veggies are overcooked, oversalted and devalued of the very nutrients they need for their bodies to function at their best. The very thing that could give them life has become not nearly as powerful.

I started thinking how we are kind of like that as people, especially in the Kingdom of God. Individually we definitely have value and a unique flavor, no question. However, mixed together in the right amounts , we are an amazing beautiful mix of color, flavor, and life giving nutrients. I believe  that in our ‘raw’ and imperfect state when we are transparent and vulnerable, perhaps courageous to share struggles in our lives, and how God is meeting us in that raw place, we become even more beautiful and life-giving.

We have that much greater ‘nutritional value’ for those we are on this great adventure and journey of life with to be able to empower others with the power we have received from His Spirit. Sometimes the circumstances of life ‘cook’ out all the aliveness and freshness of how God created us to be…the opportunity is in those times, to fill ourselves with God’s living word, living food of which we will be full of His life and power so we can be nourished and give it out again. .”But he said to them, ‘I have food to eat that you know nothing about.’ (John 4:32)

What kind of salad are you going to eat today?

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