Being thankful in ALL things!

943473_10200818291753970_1276430611_nI have had several requests to have some of my music uploaded to my blog; I am posting here one of my newer songs that will be coming out on my new album. It is not mixed or mastered the way it will be but I wanted you to hear it even in this format.  I am grateful for any support and donations as this new project is costing more than I had anticipated. The good news is that it is being produced in Nashville at The Castle Studios- and I am very excited that a couple of songs that I recently wrote (one dedicated to my husband, David) were recorded there (see my FB Musician page under Lisa Mitts for a listing of  some of Nashville’s very best musicians who participated).

Let me know if this song ministers to your heart…it is called Where Can I Go?, inspired by the Psalmist David in the book of Psalms, where he writes (in my own paraphrase) “Where can i go apart from You Lord? Even if I make my bed in hell, behold You are there…there is no where I can run without You knowing and still loving me.”


8 thoughts on “Being thankful in ALL things!

  1. This makes me very Happy! I love you Lisa your gift is powerful and I’m so thankful to be mentored by you as well as call you friend! God has it all for you. Xoxo Erica

    1. Erica, you are a true sister and so gifted…I love you dearly and thank God for you and your family in our lives! Thank you for making such a difference and always believing in me too. We will be singing together for a long time and then into eternity. <3

  2. Lisa, this is wonderful. ‘Your love chases me home’ is powerful to hear as I think of the victims but also ministers to me. Thank you for your focus, effort and continued love.

    1. Yes, so true Donna! Those words minister to every one of us, whether trapped in the chains of sin, or in the trappings of ‘the good life’ and forgetting our first love…His love causes us to run home to the arms of our Abba. Thank you for sharing that. xo

  3. Lisa, listening to this song brings me to tears! Your music is God-breathed and ministers so powerfully to my heart. I know that God is doing so many great things through One New Man. When I listen to your music, I feel at home again. I hope to see you soon! <3

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