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How about peace instead of fear?

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog...I posted a brief video earlier today about a key that really works to fill your heart and mind with peace instead of fear, especially with recent events. There is so much negative and scary news in the world today...yes, these are times to be aware and praying but if we aren't careful we can also be overwhelmed by the negative and it can have affects on us physically, emotionally and spiritually. (see video at this link)
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Why I Sing & Write Songs

Some have asked me why I do what I do... I mean you don't always find a worship leader and writer of praise and worship songs also going out and doing gigs and concerts in secular venues like music festivals, coffee shops and even wine bars. It doesn't exactly conform to most people's picture of a 'believer', let alone a worship leader. The more 'mature' I get the more I realize it is more important to be who God has called me to be and less important to fit into a box. I have also learned t...
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