My Testimony

Many of us have experienced and survived tremendous pain and traumas, some by accidents and unforeseen events that happen, but others of us have walked through horrible suffering through deliberate attacks of other people.

At the age of 25, I survived rape at knife point by a perfect stranger who broke into my own home in broad daylight. Just as I thought I would not survive, I heard God speak into my ear and tell me what to say to deliver me from my attacker. Those words that tumbled out of my mouth in sheer terror saved my life. At the time, I did not know God personally but to this day, I can still remember His voice speaking.

It was this same voice that I recognized two years later when He pursued me to know Him as Yeshua, Jesus and the lover of my soul who protected and delivered meā€¦first physically, then spiritually for my heart and soul. For many years, even as a believer, I could not speak about it because I needed much healing and freedom from fear of death, anxiety and shame.

Perhaps the greatest testimony of my story is that at the time of the rape, my husband and I did not know that I was already 6 weeks pregnant. It was at the hospital the tests came back showing this incredible report in the midst of such horror; and the fact that I was in shock and had not miscarried was another miracle. The enemy tried to kill me and my son but God intervened and preserved our lives and our destiny.

Over the next 10 years, I experienced several miscarriages but again during this painful time, He led us to adopt 2 beautiful children who were called and chosen for our family. Just as we adopted our youngest son, suddenly by another miraculous intervention, I became pregnant with our daughter, who survived a very complicated birth but is healthy and vibrant today.

Growing up as a child in a very musical family, I always loved to sing or play piano. The gifts and callings of God are without repentance, but when we surrender our gifts to Him, acknowledging Him as our Creator and King, He then brings forth something beautiful not just for our own healing, but for others who have walked through pain and trauma as well.

My heart’s prayer is that these songs will strike a chord in your own heart to know God’s Love in such a way that you will be set free from the chains of fear, depression, shame and other things that keep you from walking in the full destiny He has appointed for you!


Footprints in sand