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Having moved recently to Arizona in hopes to be able to perform live music, I am still working on raising funds in order to write, create and release new music with my producer, Brandon Bee.  I am also excited to be working on another new music video project with the very talented Michael Krantz of Sheepcote Productions, as well as writing a new song with multi-award winning musician and writer, Rachel Mason from the UK.
My goal is to raise $7,000. You can either give one time by clicking here on Donate OR partner with me monthly for rewards and benefits through my VIP Members Club.

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The ISSA Gold Award!

I am so thankful to those who voted me into the finalists for the 2020 ISSA Awards. I was so surprised and thankful to have been awarded by the judges panel, Gold Album Of The Year for my EP, The Breakthrough!

Lisa Mitts received the prestigious award of Album of the Year (Gold) for her EP, ‘The Breakthrough’ at the 2020 ISSA (International Songwriter Association Music Awardsas well as Female Songwriter of The Year (Bronze) at the 2019 awards. The ISSA represents many thousands of artists from every country in the world.  
She and her producer, Brandon Bee, also received Best Song Production for the title cut ‘The Breakthrough’ at the Summer 2020 WSA (World Songwriting Awards).
Lisa was also a multi-nominated finalist at the 2019 Josie Music Awards.

Listen to Lisa’s interview with Carrie Abbott Radio where she shares her story of her gift of music, a horrific attack and God’s salvation – all leading to ministry through music and restoration.

Thank you to all my family, friends and supporters who voted for my song, See The Scars, on the Indie StarNationTop 21 Countdown for original country songs. Because of your love and votes, we came in at #3 among many talented artists all over the world! “See The Scars” is now available on iTunes!

“Where Has Love Gone” won Best Music Video Grand Jury Award at the International Awareness Film Festival Sept 2015 in Los Angeles.

From my heart, thanks to many of you amazing supporters of the music, I am grateful for each of you!

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I love Lisa Mitts’ music. This song Broken had me at the start with the piano. Lisa’s breathy vocal part at the beginning really sound awesome, and as the song goes on it just makes me think of something that I would love to listen to while taking a nice walk on an autumn day.
Greg Paddock, Artist

Lisa’s music has inspired me and touched my heart and soul. She’s a talented and gifted artist who loves to serve others and whom others love. She’s truly a blessing and and a gift from God.
Marla O.


I love this new single. What a shining light she is to all who know her. It’s amazing to see such talent given to a kind person of high standards, Lisa is someone to friend and admire.Jacqueline Jax, AVA Live Radio

Lisa Mitts music touches the soul no matter what your back ground is or your preference in music. She writes and sings to many different genras so there is something for everyone. The message is always full of hope and you are loved. I personally have been healed of many hurts through Lisa’s music and the beautiful compassionate person she is. The world needs to hear her story and her songs.Cindy K