What are you being filled with?

“Who satisfies your years with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle.” Psalm 103:5

I like this version also from the Good News Translation (GNT):

“He fills my life with good things, so that I stay young and strong like an eagle.”

As I have been meditating, working on and living from the reality of staying youthful in body, mind and spirit, this scripture Ps 103:5 came to my heart. I have quietly mediated on it many times but it dawned on me as I began to write, that the focus of this powerful promise is on what or who we fill our life with which then determines the renewing of our youth.

One of the advantages of growing ‘older’ in years, is that it causes one to reflect on the years, months and days of our lives- what are we doing with our time and who are we spending it with.  If we are honest, we can look back and see that some of what we allowed to ‘fill’ our years isn’t God’s heart or best for us. Worrying and living in fear about provision and finances, or what people think, or even about our health is not filling our days with “good things”. The same is true for gossiping about others, holding judgments and grudges about offenses. These are not only time-stealers but they actually contribute to aging and poor health.

An important key in this scripture and promise of God is to know what He qualifies as ‘good things’. Saying a prayer of salvation for the forgiveness of our sin through the sacrifice of Yeshua (Jesus) is the beginning of a renewed, restored relationship with our Abba but it only begins there.  Having a relationship with anyone, most especially the Creator of our very being, requires intimacy, time and listening to know what pleases Him and what He desires for us in the unique destiny He has planned for us. It’s like getting married – the actual wedding ceremony is just the beginning of marriage – what we fill our days and years with our spouse, how we listen to one another, learn what is ‘good’ together,  determines the kind of marriage we end up with.

In the same way, if we want the fulfillment of God’s promise that filling our years with good things produces renewed youth and strength like the eagle, then perhaps we should also take a quick look at what makes the eagle ‘youthful’.

Eagles have a long life, perhaps greater than any other bird, even up to 100 years. Often an eagle can look like it is old, worn out and facing death, but then suddenly it molts and renews its feathers, so that it seems to become young again! Its youth and strength is renewed and once again it is able to stretch its mighty wings, and rise up high on the winds. When we feel that we are beginning to slow down or get older and tired, (perhaps even forgetting things more), God wants to provide this renewal of youth for us also – in fact, He promises it! He wants to give us a new lease of life to renew us into long-life (Psalm 91:14-16).
I understand there is a natural aging process, but God can still fill us with His life and strength into our bodies and minds, so that we can rise up again with fresh wings as an eagle with renewed feathers, and soar again as before with higher vision, purpose and fulfillment. I believe some of our ‘molting’ is letting go of  pain, judgments, disappointments, frustrations and unforgiveness so that God can renew us and cause us to soar on wings of eagles. The key is that we fill our hearts with His Love and His promises – then our moments, hours, days and years are satisfied with HIS good because only He is truly GOOD.
While we can do many good natural things to fill our years (and I believe God gives us wisdom how to live long on this earth) such as healthy eating and right nutrition, adequate sleep and exercise, as well as good skin care and supplements, still there are higher good things that only come from His Spirit which are key in the renewal of our youth like the eagles.
Most of us can see the areas where others have allowed negative things to fill their minds and hearts. It’s easy to see those in other people – not so easy to see it in ourselves for we see in part and especially when we hold judgments about others, it is often a reflection of our own blindness to the same issues of our heart. There is a difference in seeing and having understanding versus being triggered by the weaknesses of others. If we aren’t careful and aware, we can fill our minds and hearts with negative things that steal our joy, peace and health. Yet, when we are secure in who we are and the eternal destiny He has for us, then we are truly at peace and we don’t need to judge good and evil in others. Only He is worthy to do that.
Perhaps one of the biggest keys in filling our years with good things is knowing our purpose, giving our lives for something more than just a weekly routine of work and weekend relaxation, sowing time and finances into a worthy mission, empowering others to believe in their unique destiny and purpose, visiting the sick and those in prison, taking care of the elderly and orphans…these are all things that God Himself calls “good”. It is in losing our life that we find God’s best for us.” For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?” Mat 16:25-26
My desire for 2017 is to be renewed in my youth like the eagles wings by filling more of my days, weeks and months with truly “good things” and losing my life to His.  There are many ways I have been working toward this goal over the years: worship and writing/recording songs to bring healing and encouragement to others; ministering with my husband through the Healing Center and One New Man Ministry; empowering others in health and accomplishing their dreams through EvolvHealth and their global mission to eradicate childhood malnutrition.
Another form of ‘eagle renewal’ for the last 4 1/2 years for me has been through a vision called Destiny House Restoration Center whose purpose is to restore survivors of sex-trafficking back to a normal healthy life with purpose and destiny. If you would like to partner with us on this, please go to www.destinyhouserc.org
My prayer for you is for renewed youth and your life to be satisfied with His good things. Here is a song I wrote, “Letting Go”, on my recently released album that I pray will inspire you to soar to higher places with our loving amazing God.

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