Where I Belong


Executive Producers: David & Lisa Mitts

Produced by: Derek Hoiem, Rain On Me Productions

All lyrics & music written by Lisa Mitts

Guitars (Acoustic, Electric and Bass): Jeff Coult Drums: Derek Hoiem

Piano, Organ, Synth: Lisa Mitts

Lead Vocals: Lisa Mitts

Background Vocals: John Barksdale, Heidi Collins, Lisa Mitts


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This album is my 5th project and I love the direction God led me in the songwriting, arrangements and production/engineering of this CD. The songs have been inspired out of the deeper revelation of abiding in the love of Messiah without the self-induced pressure of having to strive or earn God’s love. We all begin our walk with the LORD out of a pure raw desperation knowing that there is nothing we can ever do to earn this love – it is not based in works, rather the opposite. But somehow we get sucked back into the lie that says ‘we will never attain it’, or ‘it’s our fault that we aren’t walking in His promises, when in fact it has nothing to do with our works. It is because of what Christ did for us as the eternal lamb of God. He was and is and will always be provision for the sin of mankind, as well as our own individual sin that provides such an incredible reality of the unending love of God. As the scripture says in Rom 8:31-39. there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God! I also am grateful to have worked with Derek Hoiem of Rain On Me Productions for his skills as an engineer, arranger coach, and drummer, as well as guitarist extraordinaire, Jeff Coult who has been a huge asset to the arrangements and production. We also had the blessing of flutist Lise Peterson and bgv’s on some of the songs with John Barksdale and Heidi Collins. I am thankful to The LORD to have written all these songs by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I am often inspired to write my music out of the revelation He pours out to my husband, David who then teaches it powerfully to our small congregation. It is then that I feel drawn to go to the piano and write and sing what has been deposited in my heart. It was also really fun to work with Derek and Jeff, creating the arrangements, many of which were inspired by so many great bands of the 70’s and 80’s. It was also both fun as well as challenging as an artist to have recorded in the studio all the keyboards, synths, pads, lead vocals and bgv’s too. My heart’s prayer is that the same anointing that inspired me to write these will touch each one who listens so that you will be healed and set free to receive this incredible Love and share Him with others.